Udhavum Ullangal children celebrate Pongal with gaiety

Chennai: We often come across several orphan children in all walks of life. These children require a lot of help both emotionally and financially. Many NGOs play a crucial role in this aspect. One such NGO is Udhavum Ullangal that functions at Maraimalai Nagar.

The children in the organisation have elaborate celebration plans for this Pongal. In a chat with News Today K Suresh speaks about the NGO and its works.

Q) Tell us about Udhavum Ullangal.
A) We are a NGO that works towards the development of the orphan and destitute children. We provide these children with free clothing, food and education from their childhood till the time they get a job. As of now we take care of around 48 girls and 47 boys. We have six trustees at the helm. These trustees are generally retired professionals from the RBI, ex-Army, etc. There are around 14 employees in the boys building
and around 12 employees in the girls building. They perform a variety of functions. One of them is in secuirty, a few of them are cooks, etc.

Q) What is the aim of the trust?
A) The main aim of the trust is to ensure that the homeless kids don’t feel bad about themselves. We do our best to make them feel as special as a normal kid with parents. To this extent, we do everything that we can and help them in any manner we can.

Q) Tell us about your Pongal celebrations
A) We have grand celebrations for all festivals. Bhogi was celebrated in a grand manner with the children burning waste. For Pongal, we have various competitions arranged for the children, following which prizes will be distributed to them. Sweet pongal will be made and distributed to them.

Q) What are the facilities provided for these children?
A) We have several facilities such as a dining room, study room, play ground and also a TV room. Our children make use of these facilities however they deem fit.

Q) What about their education?
A) We do not have a school of our own but our children go to a private school nearby from 1st standard to 5th standard and a public school from 6th standard to 12th standard. The school fees is paid by us. We also have hired private tutors who help them with their studies from 6-8 pm after their play time.

Q) How do the children join here?
A) The children welfare committee allocates various orphan and destitute children to various NGOs and they decide who will come to our NGO.

Q) How do you fund this NGO? Do you get any support from the government?
A) As of now, we don’t get any funding from the government. All our funding comes from private donors.

Q) How can one support Udhavum Ullangal?
A) You can visit our website helpingheartshome.org and donate whatever you can. Alternatively, if you can’t donate, you can stop by the NGO sometime and mingle with the kids.

Q) Can we adopt a kid from the NGO?
A) No, that is not possible. We don’t have the required licence to operate as an orphanage. That is a completely different area.

Suresh can be reached at 9840989397.

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