Plagiarism charge against Vairamuthu

Karthik Netha

Chennai: After a slew of sexual allegations against him under #MeToo recently, lyricst Vairamuthu is now in a spot of bother again as a young lyricist has claimed that the hit number Sarasara Sara Kaathu… in Vaagai Sooda Va was written by him, which Vairamuthu is claiming to be his.

Karthik Netha is an up-and-coming lyricist and hogged limelight penning songs in 96. Music-lovers in Facebook have come up with posts that state that Karthik Netha had claimed that he had indeed written the lyrics for the song in Vaagai Sooda Va.

Since it was Karthik Netha’s first song, director Sargunam sought the help of Vairamuthu to arrange the lyrics as per the music. Once Vairamuthu set it right, the song was credited to him.

The posts further say that Karthik Netha apparently chose to remain quiet since he was in his early days of his career and so was the music composer Ghibran.

Stating that the song belonged to Karthik Netha and plagiarism would affect a creator a lot, the posts have urged Vairamuthu to give up the awards that he went on to win for the song.

NT Bureau