Writer Sivan’s book ‘Aindham Vedam’ speaks about Mahabharata

J K Sivan

Chennai: To accomplish something in life, age is not a determinant, they say. Yes, it is not. Here is J K Sivan, an octogenarian, who has published 35 books in the last four years and has come up with his next book, Aindham Vedam, in Tamil that was released recently.

The book speaks about the holy scripture, Mahabharata, which is considered the fifth Veda. It has been published in two volumes: while the first volume speaks about the incidents that happened before the Mahabharata war, the second part explains Bhagvad Gita and what followed after that.

When News Today asked him why a book on Mahabharata, he said, “I want to teach the greatness of our culture to the present generation who have not got an opportunity to read the scriptures. This is not a propaganda but just an attempt to share my beliefs and pass on my knowledge to society.”

“Excluding the Sanskrit verses, I have conveyed the entire Mahabharata with stories, retaining the crux. I have eliminated certain parts that speak about social evils like untouchability, to ensure children imbibe the right virtues,” added the 80-year-old author.

Sivan has taken more than two years to research and write the book and has ensured he retains details of the original version. The author has referred various books for validation and mentions The Mahabharata of Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa written by Pratap Chandra Roy in specific which is the only actual English translation of the original adaptation written by another author in Bengali.

Sivan devoted around 18-20 hours a day for more than two years to read the original adaptation and work on Aindham Vedam. The tremendous effort has made him explain the falsely interpreted stories of the epic and write the actual version in his book.

“It is widely-known that Kunti realises that Karna was her son when he was in his deathbed. Following this, the Pandava brothers also get informed. However, the original script does not say so. It states that Kunti kept a close watch on Karna from the time she left him on the banks of river Charmanwati. She decided not to divulge this as he said he was indebted to Duryodhana for giving him a place, and the war was about to happen,” he explained.

Not stopping with just writing books, going a step further, Sivan has also gone to schools in several districts, conducted competitions and given his books as prizes.

“When children get a book as a prize, they will cherish and read it. My purpose is served. Whereas, if the book is sold at a cost, the author sells for money and kids would not have the same attachment that they would have when they are rewarded,” said the author.

On how his writing journey began, he said, “I was working with the shipping industry abroad for more than five decades and spent my leisure extensively by reading books. When I realised I have achieved enough on the career front, I wanted to give back to society and that took me to writing.”

It has to be noted that none of his books is priced but distributed free of cost. He accepts a nominal sum as donation to meet the printing needs. “In 2013, I founded Sree Krishnarpanam Seva Trust and have got exemption from tax to give the books without any strings attached,” he said.

For his noble service, Sivan has been recognised and was recently awarded the title of ‘Abinava Vyasar’ by Yoga Santhosha Peetam.

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