Kickboxer from Chennai wins gold in Russia

A B Vasekaran

When A B Vasekaran, a class 10 student of Lady Andal, started going for kickboxing training at the age of nine, it was not love at first sight. He had to force himself to attend coaching as he wanted to reduce weight. But today, he is an international champ.

Speaking to News Today, Vasekaran, a resident of Anna Nagar East narrates how he developed a liking for the sport and won a medal in Russia.

Vasekaran says that his love for kickboxing blossomed after winning a gold medal within a few months of joining coaching at Spitfire Kickboxing Academy. “It was my master, Suresh, who kindled the fire inside me by encouraging me to participate in a district tournament in 2016. To my surprise, I did well and I got a gold medal. Thereafter, I developed a curious passion for the sport and felt that I am made for it.”

After the maiden gold, there was no looking back for Vasekaran as he racked up win after win. In the ensuing months, Vasekaran won the gold medal in the state level and bronze in the national level in 2017. He also won the best student award from his school. The crowning glory came in 2018 when Vasekaran won a gold medal in the World Kickboxing Diamond Cup Championship in Russia.

“I felt very proud for being the first international medallist from Tamilnadu,” says Vasekaran who even had a stamp bearing his photo released by the Indian Postal Department.

The Indian Postal service has released a stamp to honour Vasekaran for winning gold in Russian kickboxing championship.

Vasekaran says that he owes his success to his parents and trainers. “My mother’s unflinching encouragement and unremitting support propelled me to this trajectory of name and fame. My father has thrown his entire weight behind my every move and his contribution to my success is in equal measure with that of my beloved mother,” said the grateful lad.

But the real secret of Vasekaran’s success is his hard work and perseverance which the humble lad tries to hide by giving credits to his near and dear ones.

Vasekaran trains six days a week for three hours each day after school to make himself fit and always ready for competitions. This is the main reason behind the steady inflow of medals.

As a piece of advice to budding student-sportsmen who wish to pursue sports professionally, Vasekaran says, “It is somewhat difficult but it is still doable. When you are committed to excel in a sport close to your heart, balancing the demands of both academics and sports comes at a cost of sacrificing your personal time. But this is a small price to pay for what you will achieve in the future.”

Vasekaran can be reached at 9444088866.

A Harsha Vardhan