Fly Chennai to Japan directly with All Nippon Airways

Chennai: All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan’s largest 5-star airline for six consecutive years will expand its routes in Asia to include the first direct flight from Japan to Chennai.

Chennai will become the third city in India served by ANA after Delhi and Mumbai. The flights service is set to begin in winter 2019 and will mark a decisive move towards Asia-Oceania for ANA as the airline looks to capitalize on massive growth across the region. The addition of Chennai brings the total number of ANA destinations to 46.

ANA General Manager India, Yasuo Taki said, “It is hard to ignore the growth potential of Chennai and when the nearby cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad are factored in, the case for expansion becomes overwhelming. We look forward to offering service to Chennai in the years to come and hope we can play a part in bringing the best of this dynamic city to the world.”

ANA projects international passenger flights to be a large driver of revenue in 2019 and beyond and has selected key cities for its latest routes. Cities like Chennai represent vibrant economic hubs that were previously underserviced by Japanese carriers.  While prospects are good in the short term, future growth projections offer a reason to hope for even greater returns.
By building an early base of support, ANA aims to retain market share as these cities grow and become more important on the global stage, said a statement from the airlines.

NT Bureau