‘Gypsy is not a political film’

Chennai: Gypsy actually celebrates humanity and nature, said actor Jiiva.

Speaking at the media meet of the movie, directed by Raju Murugan, Jiiva, said, ‘ I always wanted to be part of films that not only manage commercial success but should have a strong content. I was impressed with the storyline of Gypsy.’

Asked about the film, he says, ‘It is about a folk singer who travels all across the country and his love makes him into a rebel singer’.
Along with Jiiva, a horse also plays an important role in the film. A single ‘Very Very Bad’ from the movie was released on the occasion.

He adds, ‘Gypsy is not a political film, nor is it about any community.’

Stating that it is a commercial entertainer, Jiiva, says, ‘We realised how beautiful our country is when we travelled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir at a stretch for six months.’