Residents and police work together to bring Chennai area under CCTV scanner

Chennai: Crime rate these days always keep rising, especially at large cities. Kodambakkam being a large area comprising of several major commercial and residential hubs often comes under the eyes of probable criminals. But residents residing in and around Choolaimedu and Nungambakkam are going by ‘better safe than sorry’.

The local police have been encouraging them to wrap their homes under CCTV scanner. For the past five to six months, several roads have come up with newly installed cameras.

Speaking about the move, Sub Inspector of F5 Choolaimedu police station, G Sivaramakrishnan, said, ‘We received instructions from Assistant Commissioner of Police Nungambakkam, Muthavelpandi. Our plan is to bring every 15 meters of Choolaimedu under CCTV surveillance.’

According to Sivaramakrishnan, the total distance of the roads at Choolaimedu when stretched as a single road is about 44 km. ‘We have brought over 56 per cent of these roads under camera surveillance,’ noted Sivaramakrishnan.

As of now, the government is yet to provide funding for the installation of the cameras. But this hasn’’t stopped the police. ‘We keep meeting several residents and tell them the importance of securing their homes with cameras,’ explains Sivaramakrishnan.

Once word spread across the locality, many residents decided to offer their help. ‘Some shop keepers have given us nuts, bolts and pipes which will be helpful while installing the cameras,’ said Sivaramakrishnan. ‘Many have contributed in every possible way and it is very encouraging.’

K Rajalingam, a resident contributed a cheque of Rs 91,000 for the CCTV installation. ‘When we went to each house to speak with residents on sponsoring for this initiative, Rajalingam readily agreed to contribute,’ said Sivaramakrishnan. ‘All cameras at MH colony were installed with the help of his money.’

Ever since the cameras were installed Sivaramakrishnan said that crime is being reported lesser. ‘It also helps us to solve some of our cases,’ he adds. He further explained that the police never disturb the owners of the camera as witness for a case but rather bring in the technician who installed it. ‘Under section 65 B of the Indian Evidence Act, we use their words as witness statement if we ever need a video footage to crack a case,’ he said.

Mohammed Rayaan