Chennai couple’s roadside stall serves healthy herbal soup

Chennai: When you make food, it should be done ‘Lovvv-oda’ says Rajinikanth in Petta. The extra ingredient of ‘love’ that Mohana adds to the herbal soups, juices and organic food she sells near Mangal Lake, Mugappair has made her roadside stall very popular among the people.

Started around three and a half years back, the herbal juice stall is run by the Collector Nagar husband and wife duo – Mohana and Ravi. They sell 15 varieties of herbal juices and soups, protein and fibre rich shakes, different varieties of kanji (porridge), and healthy tiffin items like puttu, viragu arisi upma, thinai upma and pongal and so on.

Speaking to News Today, Mohana, the brain behind the operations tells us what has made her stall a hit. She said, “Two of my friends suggested the idea to start a juice stall. But my husband is a bit conservative in his approach and was hesitant. I convinced him by saying the income will help our children have a better future and opened the stall. Initially, we sold limited products like aloe vera juice, aavaram poo juice and kollu soup. Our first-day profit was just Rs 20.”

However today, Mohana says sales has improved. Customers from as far as Arumbakkam, Avadi and Guindy come here to have her healthy drinks and food, after hearing about them through friends and relatives. In the evening, she has now started selling Burma food like Atho and chat items which are also a hit among youngsters.

“If I close my stall even for a day, people get upset. There are customers who have stopped drinking tea and coffee and switched completely to my herbal soups. The biggest compliment I get is when I hear them recommending our soups to their friends and relatives during their morning walk around Mangal Lake park,” says Mohana.

To meet the high expectations that her products carry, Mohana says that she keeps improvising and adding new items to the menu. “I read books, watch videos and do a lot of research. I make sure I first consume the food for a few weeks before I start selling. I also listen and correct the product based on feedback I receive,” says Mohana

Mohana is not satisfied with what she has accomplished in business so far and says she wants to improve her service and expand business even more. “I want to sell my products with a five-star professional setup by wearing gloves and head covers. I also have plans to expand by setting up a permanent shop. But investment is the problem.”

“I have the capacity to do more but need some encouragement and support. But today, all is well by God’s grace and the sales in Mangal Lake Park is more than enough to support my family. I am content,” signs off Mohana.

You can reach her at 98415 15389.

Some of the best selling items in Mohana’s stall and their health benefits are listed below:
Nellikka juice (Rich source of Vitamin C) – Beneficial tonic for improving both skin and hair health.
Kollu soup – helps reduce fat.
Arugampul juice – remedy for food poisoning and indigestion.
Aavarampoo juice – controls blood pressure and sugar.
Inji-poondu saaru (ginger garlic soup) – solves gastric problems.
Vilvam juice- natural anti-biotic.
Keezhanelli soup – good for the liver.
Vaazhaithandu saaru – prevents kidney stones formation.
Thoodhuvalai soup – relief from cold, flu, and sore throat.
Mudakathan soup – helps reduce knee pain.

A Harsha Vardhan