Avast Cleanup now auto-updates top PC apps

Chennai: Cybersecurity products maker Avast today released the latest version of its flagship PC optimization tool, Avast Cleanup. The maker states that the product now includes automatic software updater and automatic maintenance features.

Avast Cleanup’s new functions ensure that the third party apps that are most often installed on PCs worldwide are kept up-to-date, while detecting critical errors and stopping resource-draining apps which could impair device performance, a release claims.

“Our Avast PC Trends Report 2019 shows that people are holding onto their PCs for longer, with the average age of a home PC now being six years. This means we are seeing performance and security issues beginning to cause consumers real pain when using their PC,” said president, Consumer at Avast, Ondrej Vlcek.

“Even out of the box, PCs come with a lot of pre-installed programs and as people add their own favorites, it’s easy for them to become bloated and slow down over a relatively short period of time. Keeping all of these programs up-to-date also quickly becomes a challenge. Our new features are designed to help users with exactly these issues,” he added.

NT Bureau