Budget 2019: Perfect ten is our vision, says Finance Minister

New Delhi: “We are poised to become a $five trillion economy in the next five years,” Interim Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said and added that the government’s vision is to make India a $10 trillion in next eight years.

He proposed a 10-point vision for 2030 in his Interim Budget. It included a next-gen infrastructure, a Digital India, a pollution free India that drives on electric vehicles, expanding rural industrialisation, clean rivers with safe drinking water, developing the coastline and harnessing the blue economy, placing an Indian astronaut in space, making India self-sufficient in food, exporting food and organic farming, healthy India, a distress-free healthcare and comprehensive wellness system and maximum governance.

He said, “India is now leading the world in mobile data consumption. The cost of data and voice call is among the lowest in the world. More than three lakh people are digitally serving the people.”

“Villages are being converted to digital villages. We will make eight lakh digital villages in the next five years,” added the Minister.

He informed that the installed solar capacity has grown 10 times in last five years. The people of northeast received significant infrastructure development. Allocation has been increased for the region.