Orphaned Chinna Thambi to be trained as kumki

Chennai: Forest Minister Dindigul Srinivasan today said Chinna Thambi, the elephant which was captured from Periya Thadagam area, will be made into a kumki.

The decision to tame the wild elephant into a kumki is said to be taken after efforts to restrict the animal in the forest region failed.

The announcement has come three days after the release of the jumbo into the forest area near Top Slip.

Chinna Thambi, who was captured in the Periya Thadagam area, has travelled 100 km from its new habitat and in the past three days has crossed many villages.

It is reported that Chinna Thambi did not disturb the humans or damage the crop during its journey.

After the capture of Chinna Thambi, a radio collar was attached to the animal through which its movements are being tracked.

Two days ago, Chinna Thambi was tracked down to the Kottur and Angalakurichi area. Immediately, forest officials went to the spot and tried to chase the animal back to the forest. Today, the animal was spotted in Maivadi railway station in Tirupur district. People gathered in large numbers to see the elephant.

The latest news about Chinna Thambi is that it has fainted after travelling such a long distance without any food.

Balasubramani Muniyandi