AIADMK leader slams Modi for saying Budget was a trailer

Dindigul: “None will believe this trailer and get cheated. Because trailer would be different from the full movie. It would be good if both are same. But it’s questionable if both will be same,” said Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker and AIADMK leader M Thambidurai on Sunday.

He slammed Narendra Modi for saying the interim Union budget was a trailer and that the movie would be different from the trailer.

Modi said the interim budget is just a trailer and the full budget after the Lok Sabha polls will pave the way for a new India.

In reply, Thambidurai stated that Rs 20,000 crore for various initiatives and Gaja relief was pending. Whichever party does good to Tamilnadu can only make an alliance with AIADMK, added Thambidurai, a vocal critic of the BJP in the recent past

NT Bureau