Cancers are preventable and some curable : Dr V Shanta

Chennai: Cancer Institute (WIA) chairman Dr V Shanta said though cancer cannot be eradicated totally, the morbidity can be controlled. She was speaking at the ‘Sensitisation Programme For Media Personnel’ held today to mark World Cancer Day at the Cancer Institute (WIA), Chennai.

She further said cancer has become a global concern due to it’s increasing incidences. “The attitude of cancer being perceived as incurable and not preventable has been existing since the time of Hippocrates, a Greek physician, and we have to work out an agenda to dispel the myth. All cancers are not curable but majority are preventable. Head and neck, breast and cervical cancers are preventable with the latest technological advancements. The stigma persisting around cancer, including in upper class, must be eradicated totally,” she added.

Madras High Court Judge M Govindaraj, said, ‘Habits like drinking, smoking and usage of tobacco products alone does not lead to cancer but should also be noted that environmental factors and our eating habits do have a significant role to play.’

“There has been immense change in our eating pattern. While we prefer eating out, the carcinogenic chemicals being added in large quantities to make the food tasty is one of the major contributing factors that we are missing to consider,” he added.

Govindaraj further spoke about children getting addicted to gadgets like mobile phones that in turn leads to brain tumour and urged everyone to impart good habits in children.

Press Information Bureau Additional Director General, E Mariappan said for every 10 deaths, nine occur due to cancer.

He further elaborated on how the rural population is still unaware of the condition and are hesitant to take treatment. Cancer institute (WIA) director, Dr G Selvaluxmi, assistant professor, Dr V Surendran, The Hindu Group of Publications chairman, N Ram were present during the event.


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