Couple goals

Even as the number of couples applying for divorce is said to be on the rise in these parts, crimes against spouses are also increasing. Days after a woman and her boyfriend were arrested for murdering her husband, and a man and his gang were detained for attempting to kill the ‘friend’ of his wife, the police have solved the mysterious case of a woman’s body parts which were found in a dumpyard in Chennai. They have identified that the legs and the hand belong to a small-time actress who was allegedly murdered by her husband, who was a filmmaker.

During interrogation, the man, it is learnt, had told the investigation officers that he had murdered his wife suspecting her fidelity. While promiscuity is certainly a cause for concern, murder is never a solution. For, it will lead not the just the couple, but also their children to serious trouble. Even in this case, the director and his wife had two children – a boy and a girl – who are now facing huge uncertainty about their future.

While separation of parents itself is bound to cause suffering to children, murder of one of them by another is no doubt deep misery in many ways. A recent survey with children across the country found that 100 per cent of the children hate to live with any single parent and that they want open access, and no restrictions quality time with both equally divided. Worse, 98 per cent of the children were not even aware of why their parents don’t live together. Couples, at least for the sake of their children, should think twice before taking any decision.

NT Bureau