La Cabana in Chennai could be your right V-Day destination

Chennai: If you are a pakka Chennai-vaasi, then the blaring horns, air pollution, jam-packed traffic and many more city’s chaotic environment should not be new to you. However, contrarily, there are places, especially the food outlets in Chennai that majorly concentrates on their ambience, to give out its people a chilled-out feel. La Cabana is one such roof-top restaurant in Nungambakkam that comes out with picturesque view.

Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and if you are looking out for a romantic dinner date, then make sure La Cabana finds place in your list too. We went a-month-old restaurant setting ourselves for the feast with our fingers crossed.

Imagine when you are hungry and something crunchy comes in front of you? Such was the situation there. First we were served with the Karuk-Muruk (foodies can hear us) masala pappad with vegetable toppings in it. It was good starter for the evening.

More items like mutton sheekh kebab and tandoori chicken, then followed and heated our table. While the sheekh kebab was cooked well and tasted good, chicken could have been better. Other than this, they have a range of sea food special for starters. To have a starter with twist, stuffed sea food in lemon beetroot jus. For ‘veg-only’ people, barbeque paneer, gobi mutter kebab, papdi roll and many more to explore.

Moving to the main course, we had laccha paratha and the prawn gravy. The masala was well-cooked and went well with the paratha. Same followed the veg with traditional panneer butter masala. One can also dive into an array of main courses like murgh masalas, mushroom dishes and other classic dishes. In this our pick would be the prawn gravy and fish tikka masala. All of them can be enjoyed with their soft roomali roti and peshwari naan. Make sure you order the rotis and eat it on ‘right time’ as it’s a roof-top one, the breeze may dry up and chill your dish.

They have three dessert varities in store. Grilled pineapples with ice-creams – the combination did not work that good, yet for a pineapple lover like me, it worked, hot brownie with ice-cream – the dish that no one can point a mistake, matka kulfi – another classic dessert all time.

Finally, how can we not talk about its ambience that too when it a roof-top one? Starting from the seatings that are beautifully set up in middle of the blue pool and the soothing music that runs behind to the breezy air that makes the evening romantic and the evergreen white screen set up to the mild lightings, the restaurant will be the best place for your first date, a romantic evening or to chill out with your pals.

P T Usha