Give peace a chance

Call it a gruesome incident. Ramalingam (42), son of former town secretary of the PMK, Vadivel, was hacked to death by a gang of four that came in a car and intercepted him when he was returning home Tuesday night near Thirubhuvanam. The police suspect that the murder could have happened as a sequel to heated arguments Ramalingam had with members of the Muslim community on issues like conversion and Hindu-Muslim relationship. A video clip also went viral on social media where Ramalingam is seen involved in a heated argument with Muslims, alleging that they indulged in religious conversions, and was pleading with them not to do so.

Unfortunately, peace and harmony in society is disturbed due to communal conflicts. Humanity is lost. The need of the hour is to live united irrespective of caste, creed or religion. There is no place for violence today. Any difference should be sorted out through dialogue and negotiations. People should be aware of anti-social elements that try to create a divide between them in the name of religion. Education is a major tool to reform people.

The influence of social media, where the authenticity of news cannot be confirmed, in instigating violence is huge. Rumours are being spread and people believe them and spread hatred. Youngsters should be aware of what is needed to promote peace among all. Unless it is achieved, murders in the name of religion will continue. Let’s join hands to put an end to it.

NT Bureau