Oviya’s 90 ML trailer faces protest

Chennai: Oviya starrer 90 ML that managed ‘A’ certificate saw its trailer released. Sadly, it is full of double-meaning dialogue and crude and vulgar one-liners.

Directed by Anita Udeep, the movie has music by Simbu. Speaking about her role in 90 ML, Oviya, says, ‘Films like these are very rare in Tamil cinema. I play a chilled-out girl, who enjoys life on her own terms. She is independent, bold and fun-loving. She becomes friends with this bunch of girls,  solves their problems and brings about a change in their lives’.

Popular producer Dhananjayan wrote in his Twitter account, ‘ feel sad & angry people indulging in making such cinema to make money by titillating the youth. Down down such vulgar & crude films. Sorry to say this but I am so upset seeing these scenes #90MLTrailer”.

NT Bureau