Dy’nasty’ politics

We are no more ruled by kings. But, still, the system unofficially exists in the country, with many parties and leaders promoting the next-gen of their families. Taking a dig at it Sunday during his Tirupur visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi dubbed the Opposition alliance as ‘Maha adulteration’ and said people of Tamilnadu and the whole country knew very well about it. He added that it was a ‘club of rich people trying to promote their dynasties’. ‘They neither understand poverty nor have vision to serve the poor. Their aim is to spread panic and time and again try to mislead the farmers, workers and the younger generation of the nation,’ he said.

Stating that earlier there were family packs in ice creams and mobile charges, Modi said now there are family packs for bails. He also said the ten per cent quota for poor sections in the general category would provide equality of opportunity for all. “Let us keep our mind full of positivity and commitment to serve the poor and in that spirit we are working tirelessly to create an India where our children have good education, elderly affordable medicine, young people more opportunities and farmers proper irrigation,” he said. Stating that growth and development should not be limited to a particular group, he said, “May there be progress and prosperity everywhere.”

Dynasty politics, prevalent from national to regional parties, is against the very idea of democracy. Though the Bharatiya Janata Party is better in this, compared to others, it too is facing allegations of some leaders promoting their wards. With the Lok Sabha elections fast approaching, there can be no better time than this for the BJP to set an example. It should not give tickets to scions of its leaders and should bring ‘one family, one post’ system. If done, this would sure attract more votes towards the BJP.

NT Bureau