Encroachments, hyacinths choke Puzhal lake

Chennai: Puzhal lake is a vast waterbody that is a sight to behold. There are many issues that the lake has been facing with encroachments being the most damage in recent times.

In the case of Korattur lake, after receiving pressure from residents and social activists, authorities worked towards removing encroachments and resettled people who lived in the tenements.

Now, residents state the same thing must be done at Puzhal lake as even the canal that takes excess water from the lake is now encroached by wrongdoers.

“I do not know how this missed the eyes of authorities. Encroachments need to be removed immediately. There is no justification for such an act. Many waterbodies have vanished because of encroachers and now we are facing water crisis and summer is not even here!,” said Mahesh, a student.

“The lake’s canals have been encroached and what is left of it is taken over by hyacinths. Rettai Eri has been facing the same problem as well,” he said.

Residents said sewage disposal, garbage dumping and encroachments of neighbourhood waterbodies should be put to an end.

“What are we going to leave for the future generation if we take away all the farm lands and waterbodies? The next generation will not have clean water to drink or fresh air to breathe,” said Hemanth, a resident near the lake.

“The hyacinths need to be removed soon. They are not good for the water that is left in the lake. Soon, I think we will be seeing children playing cricket at the lake if things are left like this,” he added. Residents want authorities to safeguard the lake and take necessary measures as soon as possible.

Praveen Kumar S