Residents of New Colony, Chennai, want timely removal of garbage

Cattle feeding on the garbage dumped at Chrompet New Colony 16th Cross Street.

The civic move to remove a garbage bin at Chrompet New Colony 16th Cross Street, has angered many, so to say.

Speaking to News Today, a resident on the stretch, Booma Vijayakumar, said, “We reside close to Pillayar Koil. Last week, officials removed the common waste bin at our street, after giving us assurance that garbage will be removed from each and every house individually by conservancy workers. We obliged accordingly. The officials also went ahead and said three wards, in which our street is a part, have been assigned five tricycles for the collection process.”

“But, after the dustbin was removed, no one came for collection. This was the case for more than a week. People began throwing waste directly on the road below a transformer, where the trash can used to be present. When we asked them not to dispose here, they began yelling at us.”

“We then approached the civic body, which unofficially told us that the contract for the collection lorry, which was from Avadi, had expired. This was the reason for the bin getting removed,” she added.

According to Booma, the residents are going through a harrowing experience, post this development.

“The dumped garbage has not only worsened the locality’s hygiene but has also increased mosquito menace. A foul smell is also emerging from the mound with cattle feeding on it and messing up the area. We request officials to act fast and clear the spot as soon as possible,” she concluded.

S Ben Raja