What will you present your Valentine this 14 February?

“How about asking her ‘Will you be my Valentine?’ with a special ring?”

“How about presenting his all-time favourite watch this time?”

We know most of you are already surfing the shopping sites to present a gift to your special one with thoughts like this running in your head.

Let it be accepting a gift from your loved ones or presenting a gift to your loved ones – both are feel good factors to share your love with the ‘special’ person. Valentine’s Day is just two days away and it is all about sharing love. So, why can’t this love be even more innovative and special? Let’s see some of the best gifts you can give to your Valentine this year.


Before you plan on the gift, know the ‘real’ them. Find out their interests, likes and dislikes. For example, if s/he is a traveller, a simple travel bag would do. This means, no matter you mark your physical absence, you will travel with them when they are out. For an artist, what could be the best gift than good craft material? If your better-half is more career-oriented / passionate about something, then undoubtedly you can ditch all romantic gifts and go according to their wish.


If you are avid readers, then there would be no better choice than gifting each other a good book. Presenting books of their favourite authors and genres is a wise option. To spice it up, you can also gift them one of favourite romantic novels and let them read it. Also, presenting books that almost match your story is the best way to impress your valentine.


If your guy/girl is more of a romantic person, then you must put in some innovative efforts here. Some of the all-time gifts are pillows with printed pictures of you both. Haha, who does not love cuddling, after all? Adding to this, classics like teddy bears, hoodies, etc., also can be presented.


Presenting accessories would be a brilliant choice for boys to make your girl know how far you have noted/understood her. If she has a love for earrings, rings, watches, neck-pieces she will reveal it, openly. So, why not show her how much you love her?


If your valentine is old school, then you should never miss things like – candies, cards, roses – that never go off-season.


All these presents and gift ideas are just to make your day extra special. But what makes your relationship fresh and firm every day is your ‘true love’. Never forget to hold her/his hands during hard times and always make sure that you are the reason for her/his smile. These are the real-life gifts.

P T Usha