Lack of speed breakers at Sabari Salai puts motorists at risk

A blind corner at Sabari Salai.

While Sabari Salai in Madipakkam, Chennai, has good tarmac, its many blind corners have turned out to be a cause for concern for residents.

A pedestrian, Chellakumar, said, “The good condition of the road has enabled  motorists to over-speed, especially during the afternoon hours when the stretch is free from traffic. Add to this the over three blind corners have increased  the risks of accidents as motorists continue to drive past these corners without any warning. Crossing this road has turned out be a difficult task for senior citizens like me. Most of the pedestrians can be seen darting across the stretch fearing for their lives. Children are at maximum risk. I urge local body officials to install speed breakers at least at the entry point of these blind corners so that accidents can be prevented in the future.”

NT Bureau