NGO moves Madras HC against distribution of Rs 2,000 dole by TN govt

Chennai: The Madras High Court has been moved to stop the distribution of Rs 2,000 dole to families living below the poverty line (BPL) in Tamilnadu.

Senthil Arumugam, belonging to NGO Satta Panchayat, has filed a case stating that it was a waste of tax-payers money. Also, he submitted that it was being distributed by the government with the upcoming general election in mind.

Another point raised by the NGO was that the government has announced that the dole would benefit 60 lakh people who are BPL families. Senthil Arumugam argued that the number was exaggerated as Tamilnadu does not have 60 lakh BPL families. The break-up given by the government was that it would benefit 35 lakh BPL families in the villages and 25 lakh families in the cities.

The court said it would hear the case tomorrow if it was submitted as a petition.

NT Bureau