Chennai residents form federation to rid locality of problems

Living a fast-paced life is the norm at present. It is impossible to convene a small meet with members of an apartment. How about bringing two residents welfare associations (RWAs) together?

Yes, the residents residing in wards 149-152 have done it recently. They extended their full co-operation for the formation of a federation comprising RWAs from the aforementioned four wards.
Named ‘Valasai 149 & 152 wards’, the federation will work towards catering to the needs of all the wards under the zone.

“Though it seems unbelievable, it is now a fact,” said S Ganapathy, convenor and chairman of the federation, while speaking to News Today.

He said an urgent general meeting was held 27 January at Ganga Street at Valasaravakkam, that saw representatives of all the RWAs of Valasaravakkam take part.

“A unanimous resolution for the formation of the federation comprising RWAs from the four wards was passed,” Ganapathy added.

T N Kamalanathan, an active member of the forum, said, “With the formation of the federation, members of different wards can come together and can represent all the four wards for any cause.”

“Likewise, a separate portfolio for each type of case namely civic cases, problems relating to electricity transmission, CMWSSB, apart from charitable activities will be taken care of by a group of persons belonging to each ward,” Kamalanathan said.

As a first step, the federation dealt with the property tax and Metrowater tax problem. The revision of taxes was announced by the State government in G.O No.73 dated 19.07.2018 and G.O No.76 dated 26.07.2018.

The members of the federation discussed in depth the matter and decided to submit a petition to Minister for Rural, Cottage and Small Industries, P Benjamin, the federation members said.

“Accordingly, we met the Minister at his residence on 3 February and submitted the memorandum and requested him to take up the matter to the Chief Minister. The Minister responded affirmatively and assured us that he would do the needful,” said Evans Selvaraj, a member and a longtime resident of Valasaravakkam.

“The federation has also submitted a copy of the memorandum to Assistant Commissioner, Zone 11, Greater Chennai Corporation, Valasarawakkam and Assistant Revenue Officer,” said S Nagarajan another member of the forum.

NT Bureau