Prominent localities in Chennai plagued by civic issues

Mahalingapuram and Rangarajapuram are among the most prominent localities of , Chennai. This neighbourhood which is comparatively calmer, is being plagued with certain issues of late.

According to Syed, a resident of Mahalingapuram, “Many streets in the locality have pot-holes, while the roads need to be re-laid.”

He also pointed out the condition of electric boxes at streets. “Many are rusted,” he said, adding, “I am worried that these might cause short circuits, as they appear old and require maintenance.”

Syed even explained about the rain water harvesting pores which were installed on Vijaylakshmi Street.

“These are clogged with mud and stones. I had requested the authorities for repair, but they just covered them with a slab,” he stated.

Likewise, traffic concerns too are high here. “The place is highly congested and vehicles do not stop at signals, due to poor visibility of traffic lights,” rued a resident, Deepak.

He also noted that pedestrians attempting to get across the road, bear the maximum brunt of the problem.

Speaking on this, Indu who resides here, brought to light the condition of dustbins placed at Rangarajapuram Main Road.

“They are totally damaged,” she said, adding that, although many have requested for their replacement, none of them have been changed.

Mohammed Rayaan