Review: Chithiram Pesuthadi-2 – It’s all about money

Filmmaker Rajan Madhav’s ambitious project Ula is rechristened as Chithiram Pesuthadi-2. And there ends the matter. It is no sequel to Mysskin’s Chithiram Pesuthadi that hit the screens a few years ago. It has stories about half-a-dozen men who run after money.

A hyperlink script with scenes narrating their problems and their running after money in a cut and flash mode, Chithiram Pesuthadi-2 is good watch.

Thiru (Vidaarth) is a contract killer and he along with his friend Salim (Ashok) tries to murder a moneylender. When they try to bump him off, Kathir (Nandan Loganathan), on way to meet his girlfriend Priya (Gayathrie) with the intention of eloping, witnesses the crime. Nandu saves Sadasivam.

Priya, waiting for Nandu, loses her bag to petty criminals. And then there is Vicky (Ajmal), a musician, who wants money to regain his lost property. He devices a plan to make some quick money but that lands him in trouble.

Parasuraman (Naren) decides to rob Manikandan (Subbu Panchu), Sadasivam’s friend who ordered the execution. There is  Durga (Radhika Apte), Sadasivam’s wife, who wants to kill him. What happens among them and who gets what is the climax.

Three cheers to Rajan Madhav. Though a complicated story, he manages to weave them well. Viddharth and Ashok deserve credit for getting their act right. The former is subtle while the latter is hyper. Radhika Apte chips in well. Gayathrie does a good act.

Chithiram Pesuthadi-2’s problem is its delayed release. Several films in the recent past have been done in this genre. All said, the movie can be watched for Rajan Madhav’s honest attempt.