Review: Dev – Karthi calls the shots

After a rural tale in his last film, Kadaikutty Singam, Karthi is back with a cool urban adventure story in Dev. Directed by Rajat Ravishankar, it features Rakul Preet as heroine. It is the story of a cool dude who embarks on adventure trips and what happens when he comes across a girl of his choice.

Dev (Karthi), son of a rich businessman, leads a happy life with no responsibilities entrusted with him. He explores new places, chills out with friends. Upon his friends’ insistence, he sends a friend request to a random girl on Facebook. The girl happens to be Meghana Padmavathy (Rakul), a top manager in an IT company in San Francisco. She develops aversion towards men as her drunkard father left her mother when she was a child. How these two persons attracted to each other and what problems they face forms the rest of the story.

The film kicks off with Karthi’s friend (RJ Vignesh), who is a stand-up comedian, narrating his friendship with Dev on stage. Though it begins on a brisk note, we find it very predictable. The events that unfold fails to sustain interest.

Karthi is the flesh and blood of the movie. He tries to sustain interest with his performance. He does his best in romantic and comedy sequences. Rakul’s character is written well. She gives her best on screen but is let down by weak narration. RJ Vignesh’s one-liners are funny. Prakashraj and Ramya Krishnan have very little to do.

Harris Jayaraj’s songs remind one of his earlier tunes. Velraj is the scene-stealer as he captures the visuals with utmost clarity. Had Rajath concentrated more on the story, he could have pulled off a real adventure.