Chennai group conducts programmes to raise awareness on fitness

In most people’s bucket-list, the one thing that they always wanted to tick, yet struggle to do, would be achieving their fitness goals.

More than eating healthy and doing exercises regularly, all one needs is that ‘pat and extra motivation’ from people who have same goals.

This is what ‘like-minded people’ in Mugappair Fitness Circle, popularly known as MFC, have set out to do to their fellow members. From a 40-year-old woman winning the national level sports events to the first man to complete International Triathlon, the members of MFC have achieved a lot and strive to bring about awareness on leading a healthy life among people of Mugappair.

In an enthusiastic conversation with Mugappair Talk, the co-ordinator of MFC, Ganesan, shares the journey of the club, the achievements of its members and many more.

“This is a group of fitness enthusiasts promoting and creating awareness about active lifestyle in the neighbourhood. We are majorly into running, cycling, strength training and swimming. There is no joining fee or membership fee to become an MFC-ian,” says Ganesan.

Talking about the specialty of the team, the enthusiast says, “The bonding and the camaraderie are what keeps MFC moving. We have people from all age groups and a huge number of female runners.”

Though the group was started with only six people, today they have nearly 150 active members. “We have new runners joining us every week. Also, the local authorities and police department are very supportive,” Ganesan states.

“The main motto of the group is ‘Fitness is my religion’ which is the tagline of MFC. Taking this as target, we spread awareness across entire Mugappair and at least one member from every family in the neighbourhood areas to take up fitness and inspire their family to be active,” he

Currently, the members run almost all major marathon events across India. During summer, when there are fewer marathon events, they also do low-intensity workouts together.

“Few of our team members are training for Thailand Triathlon, and some are training for Comrades marathon. Cyclists are training for local and international cycling events,” he adds.
Ganesan points out, “at MFC we celebrate our women runners. These mothers are so active in their personal life and committed to achieving fitness. They are the backbone of MFC.”

 To promote the fun element in running, MFC along with Kilpauk Strider – the Kilpauk chapter of Chennai runners are conducting a treasure hunt – Cyclorun which includes running and cycling. People above 15 years can form a team of five members and join the event. For details, call 9940619096.


 Vasu Rangachari, who joined after he retired is running full marathons (42.2k) now.Balaji Thulasiraman and Satyasheel Pradhan ran the Comrades marathon – a 90 km marathon in South Africa.Sivaraja Thambi recently finished his Half Ironman Triathlon in Malaysia and became the first athlete from Mugappair to finish an International Triathlon.
An inspiring female runner in her 40s, Subhalakshmy, who took up running after joining MFC and won medals in state and national level sports events in veteran category.
Few cyclists, Guna, Sivaraja, Harry and Mohanraj, have done long distance cycling and got Super Randeounner Title (A rider has to finish 200,300, 400 and 600 km rides in a season within cutoff time to earn this title).


P T Usha