HC quizzes TN govt officials for inaction on erection of banners

Chennai: Questioning the illegal erection banners on roads, the Madras High Court asked, “Are the officials flying in helicopters or using the road?”

The case was heard by Justices M Sathyanarayanan and Nirmal Kumar following the submission of evidences of raising illegal banners to welcome State ministers S P Velumani and M Vijayabhaskar to a recent ‘jallikattu’ event in Coimbatore, filed by activist ‘Traffic’ Ramaswamy, yesterday.

The bench questioned if the authorities were using the roadways or fly in helicopters noting that the banners had not been taken off the roads for the last one week. The Justices also stated that the ruling against placing banners illegally on roadsides has been passed eight years ago and the government has not been complying with the rule. ‘The authorities act each time after judicial intervention,’ said the court.

The Justices asked the activist to file a plea on the banners placed in Coimbatore that he had mentioned during the hearing.