Young Coimbatore woman, who left home, refuses to go back to parents

Chennai: A college student from Coimbatore, who came to Chennai, is refusing to go back to her parents allegedly due to a lesbian relationship.

However, the police maintained that the woman was here for counselling and they were figuring out why she did not want to go with her parents.

Vidhubala (20), a third-year engineering student, reached the city 15 days ago. Over the phone, she told her parents she did not want to go back to them.

Her parents found her at an NGO in Anna Nagar. She refused to go back with her family and the NGO stood by her and refused to send her against her wishes.

Immediately, the parents lodged a complaint with the all women Thirumangalam police station.

Even to the police, the girl stated that she was not interested in going back to her parents.

On further investigation, the police found she wanted to be with a woman police personnel identified as Sweetlin Deepa, from the 2006 batch. The duo allegedly have been in a relationship for two months and met through a mutual friend.

Speaking to this newspaper, the police refused to confirm the relationship and said they were counselling Vidhubala.

Naomi N