Priya Anand pins hope on ‘LKG’

After a long gap, actress Priya Anand is back to play the female lead in a political satire titled LKG.

Directed by Prabhu, the movie has RJ Balaji playing the lead. Politicians Nanjil Sampath and JK Ritheesh are also in the cast.

Speaking about her role, Priya Anand, says, “It is very positive film and has intelligent comedy. I have limited political knowledge, but I learnt a lot.”

“It is not a run of the mill romantic character that the hero would stalk the heroine and fall in love. The women are rocking the workforce in India right now, and my character represents them. I play a PR consultant for an aspiring politician. Powerful heroines need not necessarily be village belle roles who could fight. This one will be an interesting character, which didn’t require a lot of homework.” Plans are on for a mega release tomorrow.

NT Bureau