Cheran’s action avatar

For all those who are familiar with actor-director Cheran’s films dwelling on family emotions and human relationships, here comes his action-packed entertainer Rajavukku Check.

A gun-totting, smoking Cheran taking on baddies is what the film is all about.

Sources say that much recently a special screening of the movie happened and the distributors who saw the movie were surprised to see Cheran in a different role. They were impressed watching an emotional action thriller.

Directed by Sai Rajkumar of Mazhai fame, the movie has Nandana Varma playing Cheran’s daughter. It is said that the film will also be focusing on father-daughter relationship.

“Cheran sir is known for his family-oriented roles. Here in Rajavukku he essays a never seen before character on screen. The movie will be a new experience for the audience,” says the director.

“The film addresses an issue and certain things will reach audiences only if an actor like him says so. Cheran’s sports a new look in the movie,” he adds. Produced by Somman Pallad and Thomas Kokad, the cinematography for the film is by MS Prabhu and music is composed by Vinod Yajamaanyaa.

NT Bureau