Special children turn farmers at Arvind Foundation

A student taking part in the farming activity.

Children love learning hands-on and more so, special children. The experiential experience becomes knowledge and is ingrained in the memory permanently. Education can also be imparted through this happy experience.

It was a special week in the education of special children at Arvind Foundation (a charitable organisation for children with special needs) functioning at K K Nagar, Chennai. The children in grades 4 and 5 of Arvindniketan had a great opportunity to enjoy farming – in a micro pack, though, a press release said.

To teach the process of plant growth, mud pots and troughs became their books. With the help of teachers, the soil was prepared and a handful of methi seeds were sown in it. They were taught how to water and nurture the little sprouts. Seeing the bunch of shoots, they got excited. Every child was keen on watering those tiny shoots. It was mutual support at its best when the children with lesser motor skills were assisted by those with better ones –  to hold, to sprinkle, to pour…what not!

Watching the plants grow gradually brought smiles on their faces every day. It was a ‘touching lesson’ for them as they observed the plant’s small stem with the first pair of leaves grow further and further – long enough to become a bunch of herbs.

The fitting finale was the day of harvest. The young ones had a feeling of awe while holding and admiring the root, tender stem, the small leaves, etc. when these plants were plucked for cooking. They were joined bythe teachers in plucking, separating the leaves, and cleaning the herbs.

Arvind Foundation is located at No 387, 27th Street, 6th Sector, K K Nagar. For details, contact 98410 34234, 98416 15333, 72999 11022.


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