Chennai Tamil teacher launches Thirukkural Peravai at Mugappair

Chennai: Even after 20 years since retirement as Tamil teacher, the affinity for the language has stuck to me permanently and so does the values of our ancient literature, Thirukkural,’ says K P Ramaswamy. The resident of Mugappair recently launched Nolambur Thirukkural Peravai, a medium to raise awareness about Thirukkural. ‘Mugappair locality lacks Tamil organisations like this, which is the sole reason why the school students learn Tamil only for writing exams,’ says head of Nolambur Thirukkural Peravai, Ramaswamy.

This Thirukkural Peravai’s main motto would be making students understand the real value of this ‘treasure work’ and also to conduct free Thirukkural classes to mothers, here,’ Ramaswamy explains. He points out that by teaching mothers, the entire family would be acquiring the knowledge. Adding to this, the Tamil enthusiast also says that he has announced several cash awards for the students who are willing to take part in Thirukkural oration competitions. The tests will be conducted by the organisation in and around Mugappair areas, according to members of this committee.

Ramaswamy, who has all the 1,330 Kurals at his fingertips, wrote a book and distributed its copies to schoolchildren. ‘I compiled the best 133 kurals and wrote their explanation in such a way that students understand in easier way. I circulated this book titled, Thirukkural Kanigal, among the school children in our area,’ he says. ‘I would say, lack of value-based education is the psychological reason behind crime incidents. The life values and lessons can be learnt only through these kind of books. So Thirukkural learning is a must for everyone. I believe, Thirukkural preaching will have an effective change among the society.’

With this, Ramaswamy also wants to introduce new method of marriages in Tamil society. He mentions, ‘All our home functions should take place based on the values of Thirukkural. This literature has moral advice for all our life activities. Ilvaazhkai, Virundhombal, Makkat Peru, Kadavul Vaazhthu are the sections which are essential for any one to lead a good and healthy life.’ K P Ramaswamy with Amudha Matriculation school founder Amudha Balakrishnan and police inspector (retired) Perumal at the inauguration of Nolambur Thirukaral Peravai at the school premises recently.

P T Usha