Vishal’s request to end suicide of children

Chennai: Actor Vishal has joined hands with The Narayanan Group for ‘The Disha Helpline’ initiative, which is a toll free number for all students, which helps them to deal with their mental health issues.

In this awareness programme video, Vishal said, “When we have a severe knee pain, where we can’t play, walk or even stand, the first thing we do is approach a doctor. So, why not for a psychological and mental health problem? It’s shocking to hear the fact that for every hour, a child commits suicide in India due to psychological stress and depression. These are the children, whom we think that we love the ones in our neighborhood, the ones besides us.”

He further said the children need a desperate care for a good and bright future.

“It is reality that children don’t vent out their emotional issues to parents due to certain barriers such age and generation gap and many factors. It’s advisable that by reaching the expert counselors and mental health professionals, this crisis can be solved leading to a peaceful life and future of children,” he added.

NT Bureau