’90 ML’ is a jolly film, speaks about liberation of women: Oviya

Ever since the trailer of 90 ML was released, the internet exploded with criticisms even from fans of Oviya, the lead actress star in the film.

Netizens voiced against the excessive portrayal of the alcohol, smoking and other explicit scenes in the film. The movie has been awarded with ‘A’ certification by the censor board and will hit screens on 1 March.

Ahead of its release, Oviya speaking to News Today, said, “I am an actress and this is my profession. I am just doing what the director tells me to do. People need not object me by the roles I play but rather they should judge me on how I behave off screen.”

“I am satisfied to act in movies that show women in important roles.” When asked about the difficulties she faced while filming, Oviya said, “It was a bit tough to portray the smoking scenes. I found it difficult because I am not a smoker but somehow I managed to do it.”

On her part, director Anita Udeep says, “To say in a nut shell, the story is about a group of women who undergo different phases in life and share their feelings to one another.”

“Normally, the societal norm is that women should always be confined to a certain set of behaviour and principles but if they voice their feelings, most of the people get provoked by their stance. However, in this movie, I tried to break such norm. It’s a liberating film were women, instead of keeping their feelings deep within themselves, share it to each other. It is a jolly film.”

Anita Udeep

Anita is also defended the usage of explicit scenes depicted in the trailer which created a storm of backlash. “There are so many films with male stars that have many ‘double meaning scenes’ in them and they receive ‘U’ certificate by the censor board,” she says. “But people object whenever a women-centric film comes up. In 90 ML, I have just shown a group of women having fun with each other.”

Anita Udeep then shared her appreciation for Simbu who composed the music for 90 ML. “I am very happy with his work,” she says. Oviya signs off the chat saying, “If the movie becomes a hit and if there are plans for a second part, I would love to act again.”

Mohammed Rayaan