Chennai suburban residents upset over toppled garbage cans in locality

If one happens to pass by the busy Medavakkam Main Road in Madipakkam, they might see many garbage bins toppled over. Residents allege that the bins are upturned by none other than Corporation sanitary workers.

They also put forward a strong accusation that the workers do so to prevent people from dumping waste inside the bins and thereby to reduce their work load.

Madipakkam resident K Senji Rajan reached out to News Today recently, and when this reporter reached the Main Road of Ganesh Nagar, there were many bins that were toppled.

The resident said, “While the dumping spots are clean with bleaching powder applied, the bins are in a toppled position. Residents cannot throw waste and, if they do so, they have no other option other than spoiling the bleached surroundings which no person in his good sense will do. So, I travel more than two km to throw my household waste, which is almost double the effort.”

“But many residents have started dumping garbage at random places, making the locality unhygienic. Because of this, cattle can be seen scattering the wastes throughout the area and mosquitoes are also breeding more. Foul smell emanates due to the scattered garbage thereby making the area unpleasant for living,” Rajan added.

Residents said the garbage issue when combined with the road expansion and underground sewage works take place in the locality have made the entire Main Road dusty and unusable.

According to Rajan, officials have resorted to the measure so as to reduce their work load. “I have heard from few of my friends that workers have kept the bins in a toppled position so as to prevent people from filling the bin, thereby forcing them to clear the bins often. When I asked a couple of workers, they said the bins were toppled because they were damaged. But how on earth will such strong metal bins get damaged? In the end, whatever maybe the reason, we want the bins back with timely removal of garbage so that the neighbourhood is clean,” he declared.

Residents want officials to sort the problem out as soon as possible and keep sanitation at respectable levels in the neighbourhood.

This news report is based on the inputs of Madipakkam resident K Senji Rajan. He is our Neighbourhood Journalist of the Week.


S Ben Raja