Chennaiites confused over TRAI’s cable TV ruling

Srivatsan, Kodambakkam

We are using a cable operator’s service. Before the new rules were implemented by TRAI, we used to pay about Rs 200 to Rs 250 a month. Now after the new rules were announced, the operators have categorised the channels in a way that makes you choose unnecessary channel packs apart from the base pack.

Like, for example, we used to get all English movies channels but now they have split them in two different packs and people are forced to buy both the packs to get their desired channels.

We have been told to pay Rs 310 monthly. This rule has cut off nearly 80 per cent of the channels we used to receive. I feel that this new order will make us pay more.

Kasturi Rangan, Choolaimedu

The local cable operators should provide with clear and transparent information on the pricing of the channels to the consumer. I have seen that only TRAI has consistently announced about the new rules but the local officials have not done much to create awareness.

Some people who read the newspapers may have the knowledge to understand but those living in the marginally down localities may find it difficult to understand about the new tariffs.

TRAI’s new regulations can be implemented, without any doubt, but in order to give consumers more time to understand and evaluate the options, the deadline date has to be extended.

Salha Aminah, Nungambakkam
Ever since the new rules were announced, it is a bit confusing to be honest. We use a DTH at home and it costs nearly Rs 900 a month. We used to pay just Rs 400 in the beginning but the price kept rising. With new rules and confusing tariffs set forth by TRAI, we have given up and moved to online apps. These apps are a lot better and I find them cheaper. I feel the government should advertise more regarding the new rules and only then people might know about this.

NT Bureau