Lok Sabha polls is about stability against vulnerability: Modi

Kanyakumari: Hitting out at the opposition and its dynastic politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “My only family is 130 crore Indians. I will live for them. I will die for them.” The 2019 Lok Sabha election was about offering strength against vulnerability, and the BJP-led NDA would provide stability, he said.

Speaking at a public function after inaugurating a slew of projects in Tamilnadu yesterday, Modi said, “The 2019 Lok Sabha elections have two distinct sides. Our side offers strength and stability. The other offers weakness and vulnerability. Our leaders’ work culture is known across India. But the other side is in confusion. They have no name to offer as national leader and have no vision for India’s growth.”

Modi also recalled the 2009 elections and took a took a dig at the DMK-Congress coalition. He said the ministers were handpicked by those who had nothing to do with public service and that there was telephone bargaining for minister’s posts.

The NDA government, however, took historic steps against corruption and fake companies were shut, but the government was also rewarding the honest tax payers. “The corrupt has to answer. The famous recounting minister, who took pride in treating badly, insulting the middle class, has to apply for bail just like his party’s first family,” Modi said, by once again calling the senior Congress leader P Chidambaram ‘recounting minister’. This is an apparent reference to Chidambaram’s 2009 victory in Lok Sabha polls from Sivaganga after a recounting of votes.

Speaking about the budget presented by the NDA government, Modi said those earning upto Rs five lakh per annum need not pay income tax. But those who ruled India for such long years did not think about the middle class/

Slamming the Congress, Modi said the proposed opposition coalition or ‘mahagathbandhan‘ was adulterated and that Congress was promoting an economic culture which benefited only the friends and family members of a big dynasty. And it was C Rajagopalachari, son of Tamilnadu, who spoke about economic culture of Congress. There were also atrocities against Dalits during the UPA rule, he said and added “Congress got Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar defeated not once but twice. The Congress did not give Bharat Ratna to Ambedkar for 40 years and it did not put Ambedkar’s photograph in central hall of Parliament.”

NT Bureau