Pallavaram Municipality to pay fine

Federation of Civic and Welfare Associations of Pallavaram secretary Murugaiyan has made Pallavaram Municipality oblige to his requests through Information Commission.

Speaking to News Today, he said, “Through our federation, I recently filed an appeal before Information Commission against the indifferent attitude of the Pallavaram Municipality in wake of the host of civic issues here. I appeared for hearing on 25 February and submitted all the issues with relevant Court orders including the refusal to reply to my RTI petitions by sighting irrelevant provisions, laying roads without following norms and court directions, assessment of property taxes without any GOs / circulars, improper removal of garbage and refusal to meet associations / federation to discuss issues. Transparent administration was not followed. I also submitted that residents are ready to follow GOs / circulars issued by government.”

“Following this, the Information Commission gave orders to Municipality as follows: Rs 10,000 fine to be paid by the Municipality to the applicant as fine for their failures, all the details applied by the applicant should be given within one week, all the norms given by Court / government should be followed in laying of roads, the details related to roads (number of roads laid by following norms and without following norms) laid in the last two years should provided to the applicant, periodical meetings should be conducted by the Commissioner by involving all officials with federation / associations to sort out all issues and for transparent administration,” he added.

The Commission has also suggested Murugaiyan to approach again if the replies of the Municipality are not satisfactory. On the occasion, the secretary thanked resident Chellaperumal who guided him with many Appellate Commission’s directions in support of his submissions.

For details, residents can contact him at 9444251686.

S Ben Raja