‘Neeya 2 will be a complete thriller’

Remember Neeya. It was a movie starring Kamal Haasan and Sri Priya that released a few decades ago. After several years it is getting it’s sequel.

The movie is about a woman snake taking revenge on the killers of his beloved. The sequel titled Neeya 2 stars Jai as hero. And interestingly three popular heroines Catherine Yresa, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Rai Laxmi, play female leads. The movie is directed by L Suresh.

On his part, suresh said, “While thinking about a film to be made on snake, I wanted to make something different. The story was developed with the inputs from my producer Sridhar. Initially, we decided to shoot the film in Bangkok. We went there and got shocked to see that every house there had snakes as pets.”

“Jai has done a remarkable job. There was a particular scene in the film, where Jai had to perform stunts under hot sun. He was fasting during that time, still he gave his best. Rai Laxmi has done a remarkable job and there were sequences, where she had to strain herself physically and mentally. Catherine Tresa is cool and bubbly while Varalaxmi has added strength with her performance.”

On his part, actor Bala Saravanan said, “Suresh treats everyone the same on the sets. He always cares and gives respect. The film has come out very well.”

Actress Rai Laxmi said, “It was a great experience working in Neeya 2. The story is unique and it has lots of interesting elements. It is a fantasy genre. Suresh narrated me the story when I was in Mumbai and he took nearly over three hours. I was impressed with his narration. Still I was doubtful whether he would pull it off. He delivered what he had promised.”

She added, “After 10yrs, I am working with Jai after Vamanan. It was really a great experience working with him.”

NT Bureau