1,207 CCTV cameras inaugurated at Ashok Nagar

City Police Commissioner A K Viswanathan speaking at a function at Kumaran Anugraha Hall Wednesday.

To prevent crimes and to identify criminals in event of any incidents taking place, CCTV cameras play a vital role. The police is on a mission to bring the entire city under CCTV surveillance.

As part of it, the ‘third eye’ was inaugurated under T Nagar district by City Police Commissioner A K Viswanathan at a function held at Kumaran Anugraha Hall Wednesday.

Under T Nagar police jurisdiction, 120 CCTVs, Ashok Nagar – 1,207, Vadapalani – 100, taking a total to 1,427 cameras have been fixed. With this, 14,154 CCTV cameras have been fixed in T Nagar police district.

Speaking on the occasion, Viswanathan said, “The CCTV cameras have helped us solve crimes quicker. Instead of questioning multiple suspects and leads in connection with a crime, we can narrow down on the culprit with the help of cameras.”

A section of the audience at the meeting.

“We are insisting on CCTV cameras for every 50 metres taking it to 2.5 lakh cameras across the city. They are very helpful to ascertain the truth in the event of a crime, accident or any mishaps. It helps in maintaining law and order, helps improve traffic displicine and also make policemen behave politely. The crime rates have come down drastically with the installation of CCTV cameras,” he said.

On the occasion, 10 residents welfare associations and individuals were honoured for installing CCTV cameras and maintaining them properly.

Additional Commissioner of Police (L&O South) Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, Joint Commissioner of Police (South Zone) C Mageshwari, Deputy Commissioner of Police (T Nagar District) D Ashok Kumar, Inspectors and Sub Inspectors and residents in large numbers participated.

NT Bureau