Man kidnapped, robbed of Rs 98 lakh in Chennai

Chennai: In what seems to be taken straight out of a movie, a young man has lost Rs 98 lakh after being ‘kidnapped by fake cops’ at Poonamalle High Road.

According to the police, Gopinath (26), a resident of Seven Wells, is working for a finance company. He was taking Rs 98 lakh packed in a bag to Trichy in a bus to be given to a customer when he was allegedly kidnapped and robbed.

Police said on 9 March, at 9 pm, Gopinath took an MTC bus from Broadway to CMBT. His plan was to take another bus from CMBT terminus to reach Trichy.

However, when the MTC bus reached Poonamalle, two men entered the vehicle and claimed they were policemen. Gopinath was made to get out of the bus and taken in a car. He was driven to Vandalur. The men robbed the cash and abandoned him. Police are conducting inquiries with Mohammed Razz and Sahamuddin, the two people who knew of the cash being transported. Police are questioning Gopinath as well. Kilpuak police have registered a case.

NT Bureau