Railway Board approves Chennai circular suburban trains

Chennai: The Southern Railway’s proposal to introduce two circular trains between Chennai Beach to Arakkonam to Tirumalpur was approved by the the Railway Board, yesterday.

According to a press release, the Railway Board has also approved the extension of local train services including Chennai Beach to Tirumalpur EMU train (40705, 40707 and 40907) to be extended upto Arakkonam. Also, Tirumalpur to Chennai Beach EMU train (40712, 40702 and 40706) will be extended to run from Arakkonam.

EMU train (40803) Chennai Beach to Kanchipuram will be extended upto Tirumalpur and train (40804) Kanchipuram to Chennai Beach will be extended to run from Tirumalpur. This will be implemented on completion of detour line between Takkolam and Arakkonam junction, added the press release.

NT Bureau