Tamilnadu tech parks do well despite  competition

“Start-ups will be incubated in the Centre of Excellence for Fintech. Investors are already onboard to support and fund the start-ups inside STPI,” said the Software Technology Parks of India director Sanjay Tyagi, at the inauguration of Securum 2019, an information security conference which focusses on the challenges of banking financial services and insurance.

The conference was organized by Tevel and TiE Chennai. Tyagi highlighted BFSI’s emerging challenges and opportunities along with the magnitude of projects available in small finance.
India has achieved Level 5 in IMPS, with STPI in Tamilnadu doing so well despite serious competition from other states. Through the initiatives of STPI, capital raising technologies are happening with prominence on localising social data. As STPI offers services, with companies like Tevel, they also want start-ups to initiate product companies with the backing of STPI,’ he said.

The highlight of the conference was the launch of ‘The Craft’, a product by Tevel, a next-gen cybersecurity training, and certification for students, professionals and for anyone who has a Smartphone.
“Craft, is economically priced, state of the art and technologically advanced for people who are interested in pursuing careers in Cyber Security. Tevel has already partnered with TiE Chennai to take this initiative to the public,” a company statement said.

NT Bureau