Congress has forgotten the path showed by Gandhi: PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today made a scathing attack on Rahul Gandhi-led Congress and said that that main opposition party of the country has forgotten the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi. The Prime Minister expressed his strong views about Congress in a blog titled “When a handful of salt shook an Empire!”.

In his blog, the Prime Minister accused the Congress party of dividing the country on caste and religious lines and promoting the dynasty culture.

“In many of his works, Gandhi Ji said that he does not believe in inequality and caste divisions. Sadly, Congress has never hesitated from dividing society. The worst caste riots and anti-Dalit massacres happened under Congress rule,’ the Prime Minister wrote in the blog.
The Prime Minister stated that Mahatma Gandhi had understood the Congress culture very well, ‘which is why he wanted the Congress disbanded, especially after 1947.”

Calling Congress and corruption as two sides of a coin, the Prime Minister accused the Congress and its leaders of deep-neck involvement in graft.

Quoting the ‘Father of The Nation’ as saying that misgovernance and corruption always go together, Modi said while his government had “done everything’ to punish the corrupt,” …the nation has seen how Congress and corruption have become synonyms. Name the sector and there will be a Congress scam- from defence, telecom, irrigation, sporting events to agriculture, rural development and more.”

He accused Congress leaders of “filling their own bank accounts and leading luxurious lifestyles at the cost of providing basic necessities to the poor.”

Modi also accused the Congress of promoting the “Dynasty Culture” even though Mahatma Gandhi “despised” the dynastic politics.

The Prime Minister concluded by saying that “thankfully”, today the country has a government that is “working on Bapu’s path and a Jan Shakti that is fulfilling his dream of freeing India from the Congress Culture!”

The Prime Minister’s blog comes in the aftermath of increased Congress attack on the Narendra Modi government over the recent Pulwama attack.