2019 elections: Rahul says TN being remote-controlled is insult to Tamils

Chennai: “Tamilnadu has a government that is remote-controlled by the Prime Minister. This is an insult to the Tamil people,” said Rahul Gandhi during a press interaction here today.
He attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling party in Tamilnadu, the AIADMK, that have aligned to contest the general elections.
Rahul said, “I understand the sentiments of the Tamil people. For the first time in many years, they are being run from Delhi. But, I think Tamil people should run their own State.”
Rahul is in Tamilnadu to kickstart UPA’s campaign for the general elections. Answering a question from a reporter, he said there were three main issues that will be the talking point during the general elections: unemployment, farmer problems and attack on institutions.
Rahul said the biggest among all problems in the country was unemployment. “Narendra Modi is a flop show when it comes to job creation. His statements about Make in India, Startup India are all fake statements. The reality is India has the highest unemployment in 45 years. It is going to be a huge issue in the election and every youngster understands that,” said Rahul.
Recalling the protests by Tamilnadu farmers in Jantar Mantar, Delhi, Rahul said, “I remember the protests and the response by the BJP government. I remember the complete disrespect the BJP government has towards our farmers. So the state of  farmers is going to be the second issue (that will decide the election results).”
On Congress’ plan for resolving farmer issues, Rahul said the decision will be made on a State to State basis depending on the problem. He said, “We view farmers as a strategic asset of our country. Our intention is to support farmers wherever we can. In Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh we provided loan waiver. Some States require cold storage and fruit processing (to improve farmer income), we will do that.”
Rahul said the third main problem in the country is the ‘wholesale attack’ on institutions. Citing examples, he said, “Removing the CBI chief at 1.30 in the night. Implementing demonetisation without asking the RBI and the RB chief resigns. Supreme Court judges coming out and saying we are not allowed to do our jobs.”
He accused the government of being under the control of the RSS and that was the reason behind these decisions. “Under the BJP government, the State is being ruled from Nagpur (RSS headquarters),” Rahul said, and added, “When we (Congress) come to power, we will guarantee all States get their rights. Eery State has the right to voice where this country is going.”
On his poll promise for Tamilnadu, Rahul said he would “make Tamilnadu the centre of job creation and manufacturing in India”.
“Tamilnadu has the capability to compete with Chinese manufacturers. Tamilnadu is by all accounts the leading State in manufacturing and if we are in power in Delhi, we will ensure that spirit of your entrepreneurship and your capability to create jobs is supported,” he elaborated.

A Harsha Vardhan