Residents at Chennai suburb against opening of TASMAC outlet

Residents oppose TASMAC shop that is being opened at Indra Nagar in Menambedu as they fear it would lead to increase in number of problems that are already aplenty in the neighbourhood. According to residents the liquor shop is being set up in a hurried manner.

“On Friday (8 March) evening, we suddenly noticed that a board that stated that the liquor shop will be coming at our neighbourhood. This not a good move as there are schools, temples nearby,” said Selvi, a resident.

“Further, we need to cross the place where the shop will be set up to reach Ambattur Railway Station and the Taluk office. At a time when the locality is suffering with incidents relating to chain robbery, a liquor outlet here will make matters worse,” she said.

Residents, women especially are now in the process of collecting signatures from people. “We plan to send our plea to the Collector. Hopefully the shop will not be placed,” said residents. They also plan to meet the heads of temples, schools and colleges that are nearby to collectively stop the measure taken by the authorities.

Renuka, another resident said it is scary for women to venture out during nights and the shop will not help matters. “What is the government planning to do by setting up a shop near school premises, I do not know. Safety of women and children is at risk and we hope that the government will revert its decision,” said she.

She added that the shop is being set up and the inventory has not been received by the staff. “Before they get the stock, we want the shop to shut down,” she¬†said.¬†Residents said authorities need to consider the locality when they set up such shops that bring more harm than good.

Praveen Kumar S