Review: Nedunalvaadai – Gripping drama

Chennai: It is an emotional romantic drama film helmed by debutant Selvakannan. The film stars Poo Ramu, Elango, Anjali Nair and Mime Gopi in critical roles. The film is bankrolled by B Star Productions with music composed by Jose Franklin and lyrics penned by Vairamuthu.

The flick captures the pain of separation between two lovers and also a grandfather, who dearly misses his grandson. Nedunalvaadai is set near villages of Tirunelveli. The director has brilliantly captured the essence of the villagers, the way of life here, the mentality of the people, how they consider romance/love as taboo and how important it is to make a bride marry a groom who is ‘financially well settled’.

The film is powered by a very strong plot. The first half of the film focuses on Elango and his family’s return to their village after Elango’s father deserts them. They start living with Chelliah, Elango’s grandfather. Kombiah (Mime Gopi) plays as an angry uncle to Elango. He is often rude to them as Elango’s mother eloped with someone from the village. But Chelliah warns not to interfere.

Throughout the movie, you can predict what happens next as the plot is very formulaic. Nevertheless, it is nice to witness the usual obstacles nearly every person face in life. Like for example, Chelliah warns Elango ‘not to get distracted’ when he finds that he is in love with Amudha (Anjali Nair). Chelliah reminds him time and again to concentrate in his studies, find a job and ‘settle down’. This is something most of us often keep hearing from elders. There is another scene where one a character tells Elango that ‘money can buy love’.

All the actors in the film have done a commendable job. It is as if real villagers have been roped to perform. More than the lead hero, it is Poo Ramu who nails his performance as Chelliah. He plays the role of a calm grand father to Elango. He wraps himself as a farmer with such an ease that you start wondering if its really a farmer on screen. Also, the chemistry between the lead stars, Elango and Anjali Nair deserves applause.

Selvakannan deserves applause for his writing. He captures the emotion of the characters well. Overall, Nedunalvaadai is for those who are ready to endure to watch an emotionally gripping sentimental drama.

Mohammed Rayaan