Money won’t be seized if there are proper documents: EC

Chennai: Tamilnadu Chief Electoral Officer Satyabrata Sahoo today said money will not be seized if there are proper documents. Addressing mediapersons at the Secretariat here, he said, if money is being carried with proper documents it will not be seized by the officials under the Election Model Code of Conduct.

He also announced the toll free number 1800 425 6669 and WhatsApp number 94454 67707 for the public to raise complaints about money being issued to voters.

“If people are carrying more than Rs 10 lakh with proper documents it will not come under seizure. However, such large scale transactions will be informed to the Income Tax department,” he said.

If money is seized and if it is found to have violated the code of conduct it will be submitted to the court within 24 hours.

“A committee of three officials will be present in DEO office who will go through the documents seized along with cash and will follow the standard operating proceedure. If the documents are found to be genuine immediate steps will be taken to release such cash,” he said.

Speaking about conducting election in Madurai in view of Kallazhagar festival, he said the report sent by the District Collector and Police Commissioner has been sent to the Election Commission of India.

NT Bureau